Want to boost the value of your home? Doing so may prove to be expensive if you’re not careful. Fortunately, we’re happy to help you revamp your home on a budget, and ultimately, ensure you can maximize your residence’s value when you add it to the real estate market.

Here are three tips for home sellers who want to increase the value of their residences without breaking their budgets:

1. Power Wash the Exterior.

Dust, dirt and grime can accumulate along your home’s siding. As such, your home’s messy exterior is unlikely to help your residence generate interest in a highly competitive real estate market.

On the other hand, power washing your home’s siding can be done quickly and may enhance your residence’s appearance instantly.

You may be able to rent a pressure washer from a home improvement retailer, enabling you to complete this task on your own over the course of a few hours. Or, you can hire a licensed and bonded contractor to power wash your home’s exterior. Regardless of which option you choose, however, you’re unlikely to have to worry about a hefty bill.

2. Enhance the Kitchen Cabinets.

Are your kitchen cabinets old, dirty and ugly? Lucky for you, there are many quick, easy ways to transform your bland kitchen cabinets into glamorous ones that can make your home more attractive to homebuyers.

For instance, updating the hardware of your kitchen cabinets enables you to give the cabinets a sleek, modern look. Also, you can clean off the cabinets and add a new coat of paint to revamp their appearance.

When it comes to improving the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, you may not need to replace the cabinets altogether. Instead, use these simple yet effective improvements to enhance the appearance of your kitchen cabinets without delay.

3. Remove the Carpets.

Carpets will wear down over an extended period of time and may become an eyesore in your home. Thankfully, you may be able to remove the carpets and expose beautiful hardwood floor.

To remove the carpets, you’ll need to be patient. Typically, removing staples from carpets is paramount and may take you several hours to complete. But those who do so may find an exceptional hardwood floor that can help revamp the appearance of your house.

A hardwood floor that remains beneath a carpet may be in great shape after a carpet is pulled up. Conversely, you may need to restore the floor – something that usually is much more affordable than installing new carpets in your home.

Remember, home improvement projects may require time and patience, but home sellers who perform these tasks effectively can boost the value of their houses. And if you’re ever uncertain about whether a home improvement task will help you bolster your home’s value, you can always consult with your real estate agent for professional assistance, too.

Take advantage of the aforementioned tips to discover the best ways to bolster your home’s value. By doing so, you can enhance the appearance of your home without breaking your budget.

Did you know that shutters were invented to protect the bottom portion of a window from light and air? During the reign of Elizabeth I, the wooden shutter was common on the inside, lower portion of the window. Because panes of glass were expensive and considered a luxury, glass was only used on the top portion of windows. To allow for light and fresh air, the wooden shutter would be folded back against the wall. These shutters were often seen as an accessory to the home and decorated to an individual’s taste.

In the 1700’s households began to install glass panes on the bottom portion of the window as well. This changed the shutter length to full length window coverage. Window openings were so deep that the shutters were mounted on the inside in order to be able to handle them. During the reign of Queen Victoria, homes were built of wood and the window opening were thinner, allowing the shutters to be mounted on the outside and reachable.

Materials and transportation evolved and shutters became more of a decorative feature. Blocking out light and cold weather were not the only use for shutters. They were being built to deflect rain, using an angling system. They also allowed for air flow and sunlight, depending upon the angle the shutter is adjusted to.

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